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An order will be created when there is demand for a run of shirts.




Club bowls are available for new members and guests…. When the club reopens …..

Most members prefer to use the same bowls each time, and soon purchase their own set(s) of bowls. For advice on size and type of bowls, contact our club coach, Rusty Hein. You may find used bowls for sale at the club on the bulletin board, or on-line (,, etc.).  New bowls can be purchased on-line from Aero, Taylor Bowls, Henselite, Drakes Pride, etc. (see below).

Taylor Bowls’ National distributor is Daniel Jittu.
He can reached at (407) 529-9886 or by email at
You can see the complete line of Taylor products at or
design your own bowl at

Aero Bowls have a new USA Distributor, see their website at

Drakes Pride’s website is at
Their distributor is Marcus Zee, who can be reached in California at (415) 336-0864 or email

Henselite’s dealer for Sarasota is our member Clem Reiss, who can be contacted on (716) 720-2784.
The National Distributor is Brian Studwell, who is contactable via or by phone on (310) 440-9400.