Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the following bowlers on their successes:

Sarasota won the Grass League (now West Coast League) in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.
The tournament was cancelled in 2021 due to Covid-19, and was won by Sun City Center in 2022.

2022 Club Championships

MIXED TRIPLES:  Winners: Wayne Christie, Sue Abbott & Mustafa Bulut; Runners-up: Laurie Holder, Ted Wilson & Michael Griffin
MEN’S PAIRS:  Winners: Charles Krips & Brad McCourtney
LADIES’ PAIRS:  Winners: Sally Mills & Rusty Hein
MIXED PAIRS:  Winners: Don Hester & Ilona Vrba; Runners-up: Russ Sheldon & Michael Toll
LADIES’ SINGLES:  Winner: Laurie Holder; Runner-up: Halina Davidson
MEN’S SINGLES:  Winner: Robert Ferraro; Runner-up: Jim Sparrow
4321 (Cut-throat): Winner: Russell Sheldon
2022 Mixed Fours (Ron Buck) Invitational – TBA
2022 Mixed Triples Invitational – cancelled
2022 Sun, Fun and Funds Mixed Triples Invitational – TBA
2022 By The Bay Mixed Pairs Invitational – TBA
2022 Aussie Pairs Invitational – TBA
2022 Men’s Invitational – cancelled
2022 Ladies’ Invitational – cancelled
2022 Club Tournament Winners – TBA


SED 2022 Women’s and Men’s Open – TBA



2021 Club Championships – restricted numbers due to Covid-19

MIXED TRIPLES:  Winners: Norman Sandys, Rusty Hein & Mike Griffin (Picture Link); Runners-up: Clem Reiss, Brad McCourtney & Jim McRanor
WASHINGTON TRIPLES:  Winners: Clem Reiss, Mike Griffin & Barrie Pritchard
MEN’S PAIRS:  Winners: Russell Sheldon & Mike Griffin (Picture Link); Runners-up: Clem Reiss & Ted Wilson
LADIES’ PAIRS:  Winners: Rusty Hein & Laurie Holder (Picture Link); Runners-up: Jeri Spann & Audrey Kazimir (new member!)
MIXED PAIRS: Winners: Jim Sparrow & Brad McCourtney (Picture Link); Runners-up: Clem Reiss & Jim McRanor
LADIES’ SINGLES:  Winner: Rusty Hein; (No Runner-up)
MEN’S SINGLES:  Winner: Charles Krips (Picture Link); Runner-up: Norman Sandys
4321 (Cut-throat): Winner: Charles Krips (Picture Link); Runner-up: Mike Griffin

2021 Mixed Fours (Ron Buck) Invitational – cancelled due to Covid-19

2021 Mixed Triples Invitational – cancelled due to Covid-19

2021 Mixed Pairs Invitational – cancelled due to Covid-19

2021 Men’s Invitational – cancelled due to Covid-19

2021 Ladies’ Invitational – cancelled due to Covid-19

2021 Club Tournament Winners – restricted numbers due to Covid-19 – results not reported

SED 2021 Women’s and Men’s Open – cancelled due to Covid-19.


2020 Club Championships

MIXED TRIPLES:  George Menzies, Judy Bacon, Jim Sparrow
MEN’S PAIRS:  Andre Bessette, Jim Sparrow
LADIES’ PAIRS:  Judy Bacon, Clare Morris
MIXED PAIRS: George Menzies, Clare Morris
MEN’S SINGLES:  Gilles Cayer (for the second year!)
4321 (Cut-throat): Geoff Old


2020 Mixed Fours (Ron Buck) Invitational
1st: Geoff Old, Sue Abbot, Charles Kripps, Judy Bacon (SLBC)
2nd: Roy & Shelly McCartney, Brian & Jenny Myers
3rd: Kathy Smith, Frank Pring, Jerry McLean, Glenda Courtice

2020 Mixed Triples Invitational
1st: Cindy Higgins, Bob Fladung, Lynn Cranch (SCC)
2nd: Roy & Shelly McCartney, Bruce Smith
3rd: Carman Morris, Gilles Cayer, Jeri Spann (SLBC)

2020 Mixed Pairs Invitational
1st: Brian & Jenny Myers
2nd: Cindy Higgins & Bob Fladung
3rd: Andre & Nicki Bessette

2020 Men’s Invitational – CANCELLED due to Covid-19 threat

2020 Ladies’ Invitational – CANCELLED due to Covid-19 threat

2020 Club Tournament Winners

Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot:
– 1st: John & Ronnie Case
– 2nd: Bill Ashley & Jo Koegal
– 3rd: Rusty Hein & Sir Anthony Hartman
Valentines Bowl:
– 1st: Norman Sandys, Ben Tardif, Jan Gurney
– 2nd: George McKenzie, Judy Bacon, Ken Davidson
– 3rd: Donna LeBlanc, Nick Gurney, Linda Garissi

Ladies Take Advantage Bowls: CANCELLED due to poor numbers
40 Shades of Green- St. Patrick’s Day Bowl:
– 1st: Jim Sparrow, Rusty Hein, Jan Gurney
– 2nd: Bill Ashley, Halina Davidson, Jim McRanor
– 3rd: George Menzies, Nick Gurney, Ted Wilson
Farewell to Friends: CANCELLED due to Covid-19 threat.
All Fool’s Bowl: CANCELLED due to Covid-19 threat.

Twilight League:

January Twilight League: The Jack Trakkers (Mike Griffin, Jim Sparrow, Ted Wilson)
February Twilight League: The Right Bias (Rusty Hein, Mark Manning, Judy Bacon)
April Twilight League: TBA

SED 2020 Women’s Open Results

Bowler of the Tournament: Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center)

Singles Championship Flight Winner: Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center)

Pairs Championship Flight Winners: Donna LeBlanc (SLBC) / Nicki Bessette (SLBC)

Fours Championship Flight Winners: Debbie Foster, Lynda Miller, Val Bechard and Sharon Farrish

Full Women’s Results are available on the SED Website HERE.

SED 2020 Men’s Open Results

Bowler of the Tournament: Pat Beggs (Lakeland)

Singles Championship Flight Winner: Pat Beggs (Lakeland)

Pairs Championship Flight Winners: Patrick Duffy / Yatish Uchil

Fours Championship Flight Winners: Bob Fladung, Joe Mignogna, Larry Johnson and Jim Byrne

Full Men’s Results are available on the SED Website HERE.


2019 Club Championships

MIXED TRIPLES:  Carman Morris, Judy Bacon, Michael Toll
MENS PAIRS:  Al Peliccio, Mark Manning
LADIES PAIRS:  Donna LeBlanc, Flo Silvestro
LADIES SINGLES:  Debbie Foster
MEN SINGLES:  Gilles Cayer
4321 (Cut-throat): John Hall

2019 Mixed Fours Invitational
1st Jim, Heather, Joe, Kathy – SCC
2nd Cindy, Bob, Chris, Larry
3rd Geoff, Judy, B, Charles, Sue – SLBC
A-Side: Cindy & Bob – SCC
B-Side: Joe & Kathey – SCC


2018 Club Championships

MIXED TRIPLES:  Carman Morris, Maureen Boudreau & Mary Serafi
WASHINGTON MIXED TRIPLES:  Wally Boudreau, Bob Dainty & Ronnie Case
MEN SINGLES:  Carman Morris
CUT THROAT:  Gilles De Serres

SLBC International Day: Winner – Canada  Picture Link


2017 Men’s / Ladies Pairs Invitational

1st: Al Pelliccio & Daniel Jittu
2nd: Pat Beggs & George Menzies
3rd: André Bessette & Terry Taylor

1st: Mary Meldrum & Val Bechard
2nd: Kathy Smith & Nicki Bessette
3rd: Rusty Hein & Fran Leaney


Bowler of the Tournament: Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center)

Singles Championship Flight
1. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center)
2. Debbie Foster (Bridgetown, NS)
3. Lynda Miller (Sarasota)

Championship Flight
1. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center) / Carol Finlayson (Midland, ON)
2. Maureen Boudreau (Dartmouth NS) / Sue Abbott (Sarasota)
3. Heather Comba (Maple Leaf) / Glenda Courtice (Maple Leaf)

Championship Flight
1. Christine Garbett (Lakeland) /Lena Cameron (Lakeland) / Ursula Cooney (Lakeland) / Audrey Ney (Lakeland)
2. Cindy Higgins (Sun City Center) / Chris Heller (Sun City Center) / Cassie Krowl (Sun City Center) / Carol Finlayson (Midland, ON)
3. Mary Meldrum (Brantford, ON) / Debbie Foster (Bridgetown, NS) / Val Bechard (Bedford, NS) / Sharon Farrish (St. Mary’s ON)

SED 2017 Mens Results

Championship Flight
WINNER – Burl Roller
2nd – Ronald Ridley
3rd – Garry Watts

Championship Flight
Winner – John Williams / Dave Murray
2nd – Steve Nelson / Roger Parkin
3rd – Hans Momkes / Jon Peele

Championship Flight
Winner – Patrick Duffy / Sam Johnson / Garry Watts
2nd – Steve Nelson / Burl Roller / Roger Parkin
3rd – Duncan Farrell / Carman Morris / Bruce Miller

Bowler of the Tournament
Points – Singles Pairs Triples Total
Burl Roller

Sun-N-Fun Event Feb. 27, 2017 @ Sun-N-Fun

1st – Garry Watts, Mary Meldrum, Geoff Old  Picture Link
2017 Mixed Triples Invitational
1st –
2nd –
3rd –
2017 Ron Buck Invitational
1st prize Team: Cal Bechard, Rae Ney, Val Bechard, Audrey Ney
2nd prize Team: Carman Morris, Peter Kurn, Lesley Kurn, Clare Morris
3rd prize Team: Roy McCartney, Brian Meyers, Jenny Meyers, Shelley McCartney

2017 Club Champions
Champion of Champions:  Garry Watts
Mens Singles:  Garry Watts defeated Geoff Old  Picture Link
Ladies Singles: Deborah Foster defeated Judy Bacon  Picture Link
Washington Triples:  Bob Dainty, Mary Meldrum, Daniel Jittu  Picture Link
Mens Pairs:   Garry Watts & Don Gordon
Ladies Pairs:  Val Bechard & Clare Morris
Mixed Triples: Deborah Foster, Charles Krips, Sue Abbott  Picture Link


2016 Mixed Triples Invitational
1st – Garry Watts, Mary Meldrum, Pat Bryne.  Picture Link
2nd – Pat Beggs, Debbie Foster, Sharon Farrish
3rd – John Williams, Sandy Wall, Pauline McKinnon

2016 Ron Buck Invitational
1st – Myers, Trip, Myers, Trip CLBC
2nd – Courtice, Comba, Courtice, Comba
3rd – Pelliccio, Pelliccio, Boudreau, Boudreau

2016 Club Champions
Mens Pairs – Garry Watts & Geoff Old
Ladies Pairs – Judy Bacon & Sue Abbott. Picture Link.
Mixed Pairs – Terry Taylor & Linda Miller
Mixed Triples  Picture Link
– Maureen O’Brien, Judy Bacon, Alin Lozada (Champions)
– George Menzies, Jim McRanor, Sue Abbott (Runners-up)
Men’s Singles – George Menzies defeating André Bessette
Ladies Singles – Maureen Boudreau defeating Sue Abbott
Champion of Champions – George Menzies
Washington Triples – John Irons, Bob Dainty, Laurie Holder
Cut-Throat – Pat Beggs


2015 Mixed Pairs Invitational
1st – Peter & Lesley Kurn
2nd – Cindy Higgins & Bob Fladung from SCC
3rd – Clare & Carman Morris

2015 Sarasota Pairs Invitational
1st- Flo & Rico Silvestro; 2nd- Val & Cal Bechard
2015 Ron Buck Invitational
1st- Clare & Carman Morris and Lesley & Peter Kurn
2015 Men’s & Ladies Pairs Invitational
Men’s 1st- Garry Watts & Pat Bryne; 2nd-Al Pelliccio & Daniel Jittu
Ladies 1st- Iris Seager & Flo Barclay; 2nd- Debbie Foster & Sharon Farrish
Men’s Singles – Al Pelliccio
Women’s Singles – Sandra Whitelaw
Club Champion – Sandra Whitelaw
Men’s Pairs – Garry Watts & Don Gordon
Women’s Pairs – Val Bechard & Judy Anderson
Mixed pairs – George Whitelaw & Sue Abbott
Mixed Triples – Dick LaBrie, Laurie Holder & Gary Watts
Washington Triples Champions – Peter Kurn, Sandy Symes & Daniel Jittu
Cut Throat – Garry Watts

2015 Canada Day Triples – Carman Morris, Sandy Symes, Clare Morris
2015 England Day Fours
– Carman Morris, Sue Abbott, Maureen O’Brien, Sandra Whitelaw
2015 International Day – 1st – Scotland
2015 USA Day – Sandra Whitelaw, Ben Tardiff, Clare Morris


Mixed Pairs – Garry Watts & Jennifer Fisher
Women’s Pairs – Jo Koegel & Judy Bacon
Men’s Singles – Garry Watts
Women’s Singles – Vivian Condran
Club Champion – Garry Watts
Washington Triples Champions – Sandra Whitelaw, Pat Byrne & Ralph Stoffer
Cut Throat – Val Bechard
Turkey Shoot – Cal & Val Bechard

2014 Ladies vs Gents:  Ladies

2014 SED Open
Bowler of the Tournament:  1st Peter Bunce, 2nd Pat Beggs
Men’s Singles Champion: 1st Peter Bunce, 3rd Pat Beggs
Men’s Pairs:  1st Peter Bunce / Doug McLeese; 2nd Pat Beggs / Cal Bechard
Men’s Triples:  1st Carman Morris / Pat Bryne / George Menzies; 4th Pat Beggs / Cal Bechard / Ray Ney
Women’s winners:  SED results Link <- no longer available

2014 SED OPEN 
Singles: Men’s Champion fight: 3rd Joe Dorsch, 4th Scott Fisher
Men’s Flight  A: 1st Garry Watts
Women’s Flight A: 1st Vivian  Condran; B: 1st Sandra Whitelaw
Women’s Pairs Champion: Sandra Whitelaw & Mary Meldrum
Women’s Flight C: 1st Mo Boudreau & Val Bechard
Men’s Pairs Flight A: 1st Cal Bechard
Triples Men’s Champions: Joe Dorsch, Garry Watts, Pat Bryne
Fours Women’s Champs: Vivian Condran, Gail Mcwade, Lena Cameron & Judy Anderson
Champions 2nd: Sandra Whitelaw, Mary Meldrum, Val Bechard & Mo Boudreau
Champions 3rd: Jo Koegel, Judy Bacon, Helen Leroux & Sue Abbott
Women’s Bowler of Tournament: Sandra Whitelaw



The PDF files below are photographs of the club’s earlier trophies, which show the winners of the Club Championships from 1980 to 2009, in Club Triples, Club Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Washington Triples and Men’s Pairs, along with Women’s and Men’s Singles and Singles Champion of Champions :

Championship Winners 2000-09

Championship Winners 1990-99

Championship Winners 1980-89

Championship Singles Winners 2011-2018

Championship Singles Winners 2003-2010

Championship Singles Winners 1995-2002