How to Lawn Bowl?

Lawn bowling is very simple to learn but it can take years to master

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Sarasota Lawn Bowling Club has an international membership

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We are conveniently located near downtown Sarasota, Florida

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SLBC In The News

SLBC is in the Process of Relocating.

Our former home in downtown Sarasota is now part of the Sarasota Bay Project.
For the 2023-2024 season, SLBC will reopen on a new green at the Bobby Jones Golf Course.
Many thanks to all our donors, supporters and friends.
We hope to see you on the new green.

In the meantime, the Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club (1009N  Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center , FL 33573) has agreed to host our 2022/2023 Open Tournaments. See our Tournaments / Events page for dates, Conditions of Play and registration information.

In the News:

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    • SLBC featured in a Sarasota Herald tourist article.  LINK
    • Geraldine Smith received a Bowls USA Presidents Award for promoting Lawn Bowling.  Congratulations.  See LINK.
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